Nazir Hussain

13428392_1069433003122391_2782512563827554300_n   Name:- Nazir Hussain Date of birth :- September 7 Birthplace:– Simara Debut movie :- Punte parade     Nazir hussain is one of talented yet promising actor of Nepal. Debuted from short role in Punte Parade , Nazir is best known for his role as Rameshwor in Hostel Returns. Nazir is theater artist of Mandala Theater .His acting in Hostel Returns is highly appreciated by aundience and critics. PERSONAL LIFE Najir was born in September 7 in Simara ,Nepal . Nazir was very shy and at the same time very naughty boy . He was mamas boy .He came to Kathmandu to learn dancing and to persue further studies .He is currently studying Bachelors in Sociology and literature .He is passionate dancer and writer. His father is also a writer. Najir is also contemporary belly dancer. CAREER Nazir was trainee at Mandala theater.He has acted in more than 20 dramas . His first drama was ‘Charandas Chur”. He got ticket to Nepalese Film Industry through short role in “Punte Parade” .But a diamond shines from the corner, this jewel got big break in Hostel Returns as lead actor .With role of Rameshwor / Pandit G , Najir received lots of appreciation from the viewers.After Hostel Returns , Rameshwor was binded to movies like Junge and Bir bikram. Nazirs film”Gaatho”is going to release soon. FILMS
  1. Punte Parade
  2. Hostel Returns
  3. Junge
  4. Bir Bikram
  5. Gaatho

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