About Us

Highlights Nepal is a company established under the Companies Act 2006 on February, 2009.  Highlights Nepal has been providing services such as content aggregation, mobile marketing services and Music and Movies promotion & publicity. We primarily started by providing content aggregation services and we are proud to say that today we have more than 600 music labels, more than 37000 Songs, more than 4000 Videos and artists under our library.  Besides the songs and music videos, we own the exclusive Digital & International rights of Nepalese movies. Now we have more than 200 movies. We provide our content for Caller Tunes services to all national telecom operators as well as operators in India,  Malaysia, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait and will be starting in other countries as well. We feel proud that we have helped the Nepali Music & Movie industry regain its once lost footing by giving them an alternative route to revenue generation. We maintain full transparency in our business and have been rewarded with the trust and faith of our partners. Besides, we truly respect the intellectual property rights of the creators, so we have been sharing the revenue that has been generated by the content aggregation to the Royalty collective Society of Nepal. We have provided our services to numerous events, programs and contests. We are always looking for innovative ideas so that we can provide quality services for our customers to benefit from. Our present is good and the future is promising. We believe that we are going places and taking you with us. Highlights Nepal is a Music & Movie content provider and recognized for its creative and top-selling mobile content library. We have been providing our video content on YouTube where thousands of subscribers are enjoying our content every day. We have been able to generate fair amount of revenue by sale & distribution of proprietary mobile entertainment content units to our customers. Our extensive and diverse products include CRBT, full length songs, full Nepalese movies and music. Recognized for our high quality and creative products, our quick reaction to the changing market trends helps in creating an edge with our partners and in turn giving them the edge over competition.

Boards of Directors

Om Gurung

Position: Board of Directors/Chairman

Bharat Basnet

Position: Board of Directors

Sanjay Parajuli

Position: Board of Directors

Our Team

Shivani Gurung

Position: CEO

Janak Tamang

Position: General Manager

Bhup KC

Position: Chief Accountant

Mandira Limbu

Position: HR & Operational Manager

Bishnuhari Timilsina

Position: Chief Video Editor